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Take the measures

Size determination for the MAX Harness

This page concerns exclusively dog owners (not percussionists).

The size of the MAX Harness is based on three measurements, therefore there are no standard sizes. You will be supplied with an individual harness system on which you can make your personal adjustments.

  1. Please use a flexible measuring tape to determine the required measurements.
  2. Please orientate yourself by the sketches.
  3. If possible, you should wear only a T-shirt to avoid falsifying the measurements.
  4. Please do not enter more than the measured length, a surcharge for thicker jackets or anything else will be considered.

Explanation of terms

Determining the points at the height of the lower costal arch is of crucial importance to ensure that the harness system functions properly for the body . The lower costal arch at the front is located slightly above the waist. You feel this by grasping the sides of your body with your hands, thumbs behind, fingers pointing towards the middle of the body. Below the little finger is the hip bone (the iliac crest), above the index finger is the lower costal arch.

  1. The imaginary line R lies laterally above the waist at the level of the lower costal arch (for orientation: at the level of the angled elbow).
  2. The line H is an imaginary trouser seam extended upwards on both sides of the body. A loosely hanging arm is roughly on this imaginary line.
  3. The points X and Y are located on both sides of the body on the line H and on the line R.


Please take the following measurements, measuring tape tightly fitting, but without constricting the body.

Enter the measured lengths in the 3 fields at the end of each section.

Measure 1: Waist strap

Measure between points X and Y – at the level of the lower costal arch – only at the back – not around the whole body.


Measure 2: Belly strap

In front between points Y and X - loosely passed over the navel.


Measure 3: Shoulder straps

The total length is measured, starting at the back at point X, diagonally across the back to the right shoulder and further laterally down the front to point Y.
Please follow the red line of the sketch.