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Hand-made from Solingen


A flyweight – easy to use and fits all body shapes and sizes.

Just check from time to time once properly adjusted.


Heavy instruments carried with ease

The Basic Idea

The MAX Belt System has mainly been designed for use with large percussion instruments such as the Surdo and Timba. The objective of the belt is to assist those experiencing problems with the weight and stability of these instruments whilst playing them on the move. The combination of the belt system’s components enables even weight distribution at various points of support. In this way certain parts of the body such as the hips are purposely relieved of any strain. This in turn leads to one being able to play the instrument in a relaxed manner without suffering strain to the back. Such an advantage is of great importance to growing youths with the belt system helping to prevent postural impairment.

Example of Suspending the Surdo and Timba

As experience shows the Surdo is mainly suspended from two rods but can also be carried centrally. The first method is better for parades; stability is increased and when walking the Surdo can be pushed with the knees with more ease.

The belt system has proven to be a worthwhile accessory in particular for the Timba with it providing excellent stability, this being a definite advantage during the usual sequence of Samba movements. The instrument can be fastened by using either two karabiner snap-links or one ring affixed centrally. More about Timba here.

Why is the new Max Belt System so original and ingenious?

Three main advantages make the Max Belt System unique. The belt combination enables a completely new carrying technique.

The Advantages at a Glance

MAXimum flexible adjustability of the complete system

The belt system can be adapted to all physiques and body sizes. One is able to adjust the system so that it provides relief to either one’s back as a whole or certain parts of the body such as a single shoulder or the lumbar spine. In the case of one being sensitive to shoulder pressure, it is possible to provide relief by adjusting the system so that more weight is supported by the hips.

MAXimum comfort due to the breast area being left free.

This belt system is left open at the front during use meaning that it not only provides an advantage for elaborate band-clothing, it is also much more comfortable for female Sambistas.

MAXimum design effectiveness.

The belt system is an elaborate but easy to use construction, is lightweight and has been designed with instruments in mind:

It is an absolute flyweight and extremely easy to slip into. Once it has been adjusted to fit your body you will experience such comfort whilst playing your instrument that you will not like to do without it in the future.


The Highest of Quality.

Everyone should be able to afford the belt system; this has been taken into consideration during the manufacturing process, of course without forgetting the quality aspect.

The MAX Belt System is a handmade product manufactured with great care, the use of stainless steel, high quality synthetic components and tear-proof material for the belt can be taken for granted. All components have been adapted to carry the heavy weight of the Surdo whilst being played.

A worthwhile investment such as hundredfold experience has shown.


  • There are other colours available apart from the standard model in black. A combination of colours is also possible.
  • High quality padding is available for even more hip and shoulder comfort.

The Caixa and the Repique can also be attached to the belt. The belt system is also suitable for Djembés.

Standard sizes lie between M – XL. Other sizes such as S (Children) and XXL (For extra large people and belly girth) are also available.

Max-Belt-System »Timba-Special«

The Timba-Special has smaller Karabiner-Snap-Links and Rings (no strap and buckle) and is suitable for those who are not bothered about the chest being kept free and don't have to worry about "special" body measurements.

In such cases please fall back on the standard MAX-Belt-System.

The instrument can be attached and detached swiftly and still carried safely – even during long parades and processions – it has been tested during continuous operation.

Version 1:
Single fastening The Timba is simply attached to the Ring by means of one of the Adjustment-Screws meaning it is carried by using only one central fastening. This is already practiced by many MAX-Belt-System users. In doing so the straps run downwards from the shoulders in front of the body instead laterally next to the chest. When walking there will be slight control of the instrument with the knees.

Version 2:
Double fastening Those who feel more comfortable when carrying the Timba fastened to two Adjustment-Screws and/or, like to have the chest left free, should adapt the Belt-System and fasten the Karabiner-Snap-Links to two Adjustment-Screws next to each other – see the instructions for details and further versions.

You will find more photographs here.