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Hand-made from Solingen


The Comfortable Connection
between Man and Dog

The Basic Idea

MAX-harness is a completely new product in the range of "Accessories for dogs and dog owners". This special harness system is perfectly suited to leash one or two dogs close to the body. Dog owners often wish to have an extra pair of hands, e.g. to carry a second shopping bag, to open the umbrella, to be able to receive a call via mobile phone or to simply hold on to the railing as an older or handicapped person. In these everyday situations the harness system ensures relaxation, because with MAX you have both hands free.
In this context one could also speak of a holder for the dog leash or even of a chest harness for dog owners – instead of for the dog.

Examples of use

The need to have your hands free is not new. A dog leash wrapped around the waist can cause an unpleasant jerk in the area of the lumbar spine or kidneys. The leash at the wrist or in the crook of the arm can cause strains if the dog unintentionally starts running. MAX-harness goes beyond a leash or device worn around the abdomen because the special design of the MAX-harness means that your dog’s weight - whether in the form of a constant, even pull or a jerk - is absorbed by your entire back. This way you protect yourself from the hands to the shoulders to the spine.

Pain Patients

Especially people who have to struggle with pain, whether it is aching shoulder joints as in osteoarthritis, arthritis in the hands, tennis elbows, local back pain or general tension pain, benefit from the comfort of the MAX-harness. Surgeons want or have to spare certain parts of the body, e.g. after a breast or hand operation due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Understandably, and above all to maintain the joy of life, no one wants to miss out on going out with the dog. Here MAX-harness provides a comfortable help to keep the dog under control on the leash and at the same time sparing the painful areas instead of straining them. The whole back - supported by the MAX-harness - takes over the holding of the dog: you only intervene from time to time to correct.

Several dogs

Dog owners of several dogs and especially dog sitters benefit from this harness by being able to leash two dogs in the middle and thus have two dogs less "hanging" on their arms.


A further area of application for the MAX-harness is sporting activities with the dog, starting with brisk walks and hikes, walking and jogging and ending with canicross, where the dog is trained to pull.
For the sport with dog there is already the specially developed and well-known belly belt. The principle of the MAX harness system is a particularly body-friendly alternative, because the pulling force is counteracted by the force of the whole upper body through the specially connected belts.

With the MAX-harness you have your hands free for Nordic walking sticks, the walking stick or to hold on to in difficult situations, e.g. on slippery paths or paths covered with snow in winter or simply to use the free swing of your arms. Also you keep your dog close to man or woman, e.g. when you want to concentrate on something else that you need both hands for.


The harness system is equipped with a ring for hooking a carabiner, which is attached to the end of your leash. If your dog leash ends with a ring, there are easy-to-open double carabiners in the accessories. There are also swivel carabiners where the swivel prevents 2 leashes from getting tangled up. This is pulled directly onto the belly belt with an eyelet.

For the guidance of very heavy or strong dogs, there are panic hooks in case of an increased safety requirement, with which you can quickly and easily lead yourself in tricky situations.

New in the range is a shock absorber, for your relief as well as the dog‘s. This is especially advantageous if your dog is known to like to throw himself abruptly into the leash or to unawares stretch the towline to the end at full run.
In addition to the body-friendly harness, the shock absorber, which is similar to an expander, absorbs a sudden jerk of the leash more gently. This is even more gentle on both your body and your dog‘s body.
In principle, the softened pull acts as a brief alarm signal for both: Watch out, it‘s about to jerk violently!
However, it is advantageous to attach the shock absorber not on the dog‘s side but between the MAX harness and the dog leash. This makes no difference to the dog, but it does to you.

Why MAX?

The harness is characterised by the perfect interaction of the various components.

  1. flexible adjustability of the whole system to any body type
  2. even distribution of traction over the entire back, thus protecting the lumbar spine - the force is absorbed laterally via three interconnected belt straps
  3. relief for pain-sensitive areas - such as a sensitive shoulder or for painful hands (especially interesting in the case of injuries or after operations), and generally gentle on the back if the dog is constantly led unilaterally
  4. the back supported by the harness system takes over the holding of the dog, you only intervene from time to time to correct the situation
  5. the MAX harness system is not only a "clever" solution, but also a patented invention. A comfort that is worth it: arms, hands and back are protected


The harness system is constructed as light and simple as possible: the purest flyweight and very easy to put on. Once individually adjusted to your body and according to your wishes, you will experience a level of comfort you won’t want to miss anymore. The MAX-harness system can also be worn under a jacket without any problems.

There is no size classification for the Max harness, as it is based on three measurements. You will receive an individual harness system on which you can make your personal adjustments.

Besides the black standard model in wide webbing, various other colours are available. Combinations of several colours are possible.

New in the range is a slimmer design, e.g. for athletes who want to wear as little webbing material as possible over sportswear. Otherwise it is purely a matter of taste and does not depend on the weight of the dog whether you choose wide or narrow. For very severe shoulder complaints, a wide contact surface is certainly recommended.

Price performance ratio

The harness system consists only of high quality materials that meet the safety requirements that the customer can expect. Stainless steel, high quality plastic, durable strap material and careful manual work are naturally reflected in the price - the price for quality.


  1. high quality padding for even more comfort
  2. panic hook for increased security needs
  3. leash adapter for your own leash

Treat yourself to the MAX comfort - and going out with your dog will be even more of a pleasure.

Status March 2020