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Hand-made from Solingen

My special offer for Dogs‘ Day,
in Germany June 7, 2020:

One free back padding for each MAX Harness Standard ordered

Hopefully a pleasant day, which humans and dogs can enjoy at least outdoors, even if currently only in small groups.

Dogs play an important role in our human community, are companions and friends of man and often the only ray of hope for older, lonely or sick people.

I know from my customers that ...

... they do not want to be deterred from walking their dog even if their arms or shoulders are painful, and that they are looking for ways to walk their dog – without pain.

MAX Harness is the right idea – a holder for the dog leash, without straining hands and arms, the body is protected from the hands to the spine.

There are enough other reasons why it can make sense not to hold the dog leash in your hand, it doesn't always have to be about pain.

Trying to keep hold of too much at the same time leads to curious incidents and even accidents. A small child, bouquet of flowers, pulling dog, car keys, the smartphone beeps, you get stressed ... and it just happens. MAX-Harness helps here too and keeps your hands free for child and pram, shopping, umbrella ...

Please read the comments under MAX in action.

Another advantage that has been confirmed several times in the meantime:

Dogs are super sensitive and can feel the difference whether the leash hangs in the hand or on the harness system. You know the back and forth: dog pulls – man pulls back – even the slightest twitch is registered by the dog and answered by pulling again. With the MAX harness, the back and forth no longer occurs, the dogs react noticeably calmer – you walk much more relaxed.

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