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Hand-made from Solingen

MAX in action


Mrs. Annemarie Knopp - a veterinarian with heart and soul near Saarburg - kindly provided me with some photos of her activities and allowed me to write her telephone comment in writing.

Mrs. Knopp is out and about daily with her dog Lotta, a real Lottchen, always active and curious, to relax from her everyday life.


Whether she takes her daughter to the school bus accompanied by dog Lotta and cat Leo, when cycling or inline skating, when Nordic walking or on one of her hikes with the family, she is only out and about with the MAX harness, feels in good hands with MAX and is happy to be able to spare her hands, because she needs them intact for a safe guiding of the scalpel.

(Manufacturer‘s note: Of course your dog should be well trained for such activities. By the way, when inline skating with dog MAX not only has the advantage that you can let yourself be pulled and thus involve the dog in sports – see cani cross – but also that you can catch yourself with both hands despite the dog).

When she takes her daughter, a cheerful 10-year-old girl, for example for an ice cream, she puts the harness system around the back of the chair and Lotta stays on the leash, even at the shortest distance by means of the flexi line.

As you can easily see on the photos, Mrs. Knopp has included her Flexileine from the very beginning by simply hooking it to the abdominal belt, as well as a treat bag.

As Mrs. Knopp emphasized, there is simply no occasion for her where MAX and Lotta are not together.

Dear Mrs. Knopp, thank you for your detailed description.